The savings and Credit Cooperative Union League of Tanzania (SCCULT) is the umbrella organization for SACCOS in Tanzania mainland. It was established in 1992 under Cooperative Act No.15 of the year 1991 and was given registration No.5480. Only 205 SACCOS founder members. SCCULT as apex organization for SACCOS across Tanzania. SCCULT are lobbyists, representing the interests of SACCOS to national government, International forums. It ensures the betterment of SACCOS in Tanzania by offering accountancy training, loans, internal inspections; risk management, stationeries, legal advice and marketing support to SACCOS. SCCULT is said to have 1242 members only out of 5300 registered SACCOS in the Country.


The Savings and Credit Cooperative Union League of Tanzania (SCCULT) is the umbrella organization for SACCOS in Tanzania mainland. It was established in 1992 under Cooperative Act No. 15 of the year 1991 and was given registration no. 5480. The Union was established to promote and encourage thriftiness of SACCO’s members, foster and promote organization growth and development of SACCOS and co-operate and collaborate with all other co-operative organizations among other objectives.


Effective and Sustainable Savings and Credit Co-operative Organization that promotes financial inclusion in Tanzania.

To empower and develop SACCOS through advocacy, financial and technical assistance.

Strong SCCULT, For SACCOS welfare


1. Professionalism The level of excellence or competence that SCCULT has allows to carry its activities in a special way.

2. Integrity SCCULT (1992) LTD operate with the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

3. Responsive In reaching Members demands SCCULT (1992) LTD open its ears to hear, accommodate and work on members needs in a preferred manner.

4. Team work In a process of executing its activities SCCULT (1992) LTD adhere the principle of collaborative effort of togetherness to achieve a common goal and complete a task in the most effective and efficient way.

5. Innovation In every aspect SCCULT (1992) LTD is driven with the desire to change its course in modern and standardized way, the processes are of quality to translate the ideas or invention into product or service that creates value for which our members will pay.

6. Transparency SCCULT (1992) LTD conduct everything in a open and honesty way that will give members and stakeholders in and out no doubt of the quality and efficiency way.

7. Commitment Leaders and Employed staff of the SCCULT 1992 limited, work together as a team to bring about positive changes desired by beneficiaries, development stakeholders and entire community at large.


The objectives in which it was established was driven by its mission and guided by its vision to develop and represent micro, as well as macro savings and credit societies. Our key specific objectives as an Umbrella body are:


1. To provide advocacy, lobbying, advice and protect members against adverse legislation and/or restrictions.

2. To act as the principal local and international representative and mouth-piece of all SACCOS in the country;.

3. To promote the organization and development of viable SACCOS and financial service in Tanzania.

4. To help improve the internal management of savings and credit societies, by providing a standardized management system for the SACCOS and rural Savings and Credit Schemes/Association.

5. To promote a common code of ethics based on co-operative principles among SACCOS, their officials, employees and members.

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