Our Story

SCCULT(1992)Ltd  are the Savings and Credit Co-Operative Union of Tanzania, an apex organization for SACCOS across Tanzania. SCCULT (1992) Ltd  are lobbyists, representing the interests of SACCOS to national government and a service provider, offering accountancy training, loans, internal inspections, bulk SMS, risk management, stationery, legal advice and marketing support to SACCOS.SCCULT(1992)Ltd organizes networking events for members, including the annual World SACCOS Day celebration and workshops on current issues throughout the year.

SCCULT (1992)Ltd  currently seeks funding from governmental and non-governmental organization’s, both within and outside of Tanzania, in order to improve its service and outreach to SACCOS and their members.

Mission ,Vision and Slogan

To empower and develop SACCOS through advocacy, financial and technical assistance.

Effective and sustainable cooperative organization that promotes financial inclusion in Tanzania

Strong SCCULT, for SACCOS Welfare.

Cooperative Principles

SCCULT conducts its business in accordance with the universally accepted cooperative principles which are:

  • Democratic member control

  • Members’ economic participation

  • Autonomy and Independence

  • Ongoing education, training and information

  • Co-operation among co-operatives

  • Concern for Community

  • Voluntary and open membership


The general objective of SCCULT (1992) Ltd is to promote the business of micro savings and micro credit amongst its members.Notwithstanding the general objective under sub-rule (1) above, the specific objectives of the League shall be: