SCCULT(1992)Ltd do offer the following products and services to SACCOS:

SCCULT (1992) LTD prepares training which cuts across all levels in SACCOS management and operations. The training program is intensively and technically prepared after conducting training need assessment from the members, no-members and stakeholders. The training offered is located in various regions in Tanzania mainland as members agreed in Annual General Meeting. We also offer tailor-made training for SACCOS in need in different operational aspects. SCCULT (1992) LTD prepares in-country and out-country study visits for SACCOS that want to learn how others operate. We also host SACCOS from other countries that wish to visit SACCOS in Tanzania.
SCCULT (1992) LTD offers Internal auditing services to all SACCOS that does not have the capacity to hire internal auditor as the Microfinance Act of 2018 requires.
The ICT Services intends to transform the traditional Management Information system of SACCOS by replacing it with highly advanced and cost-effective systems which are capable of simplifying and producing the information needed timely. Its functions concentrate on selling MIS, installation, maintenance, and open consultancy services on how to operate and use the systems. Currently SCCULT (1992) Ltd is doing this by partnering with service providers as we are aiming to have SCCULT (1992) Ltd owned ICT Platform. MISSION VISION MOTTO
SCCULT (1992) LTD provides room for SACCOS members to save money in one basket (Central Financing Facility) then borrow in case they face liquidity challenges. The interest rates are low and procedures are easy and friendly. The financial intermediation service allows SCCULT (1992) Ltd to connect with other financial service providers whenever they come with safe and beneficial products that intend to help SACCOS and its members. Mission Enhancing collective financing and liquidity uplift for SACCOS in Tanzania. Vision To be the pre-eminent collective financial fund which facilitates financial inclusion through SACCOS business model. Motto One stop shop for your SACCOS Liquidity.
SCCULT (1992) LTD Offers consultancy services in various aspects of SACCOS operations, we also offer the planning services that includes preparation of Strategic Plans, working plans, diagnostic research and advice in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in SACCOS operations.
Aim at helping the SACCOS to cuter their legal challenges whenever they are in need. It aims at helping SACCOS in contractual agreements, court cases and settling of various issues that require legal expertise.