Capacity Building and Training

SCCULT (1992) LTD (1992) LTD prepare trainings to Board members, management staff, committees and members of the SACCOSS based on the SCCULT (1992) LTD calendar of events after making training need assessment of the SACCOSS members. Participants/trainees usually pay training fee for every course that they attend. We also offer special tailor made courses to SACCOSS members in need of special training at agreed price depending on the courses that the SACCOSS require. We arrange in-country and out country study visits for SACCOSS at certain fee.

Planning, Research and Consultancy

We offer consultancy services, Diagnostic research and advice in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in SACCOSS operation. This includes preparation and review of SACCOSS policies, By laws and legal documents i.e loan agreement forms, SACCOSS and employer agreement forms etc. The cost of these services are charged according to different needs of the SACCOSS

Sale of Accounting Stationeries

We produce and print branded and customized stationeries for SACCOSS. The stationeries produced include: Passbook, Individual ledger book, Receipt and Payment book, Receipt book, Payment Voucher book, General ledger book and members register book. Members acquire these stationaries at a subsidized price

Internal Auditing services

The Microfinance Regulations 2019 Section 54 (1) requires every SACCOSS to appoint an internal auditor to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls, risk management and governance processes. A SACCOSS may outsource internal audit function from a registered audit firm or qualified individual provided that, the audit firm or such qualified individual performs internal audit functions in accordance with these Regulations. SCCULT (1992) LTD (1992) LTD will provide internal auditing services to SACCOSS which are unable to employ qualified full time internal auditors at affordable costs. The objective is to ensure all SACCOSS comply with the law and increase earning avenue to the organization through auditing fees.