SCCULT > Mission, Vision ,Principles &Objectives


To support and spearhead the development of safe and sound Savings and Credit Cooperatives in North Tanzania by providing quality cooperative education and technical support on a sustainable basis.


A market leader in the provision of financial cooperatives services in North Tanzania.

Co-operative Principles

North SCCULT conducts its business in accordance with the universally accepted co-operative principles which are:Voluntary and open membership

1.Democratic member control

2.Members’ economic participation

3.Autonomy and Independence

4.Ongoing education, training and information

5.Co-operation among co-operatives

6.Concern for Community


The general objective of SCCULT (1992) Ltd is to promote the business of micro savings and micro credit amongst its members.
Notwithstanding the general objective under sub-rule (1) above, the specific objectives of the League shall be:

1.To promote and encourage thriftiness among SACCOS members by providing them with necessary education and opportunities for improvement of their economic and social conditions;

2.To foster and promote SACCOS organization growth and development for economic interests and members’ general welfare in accordance with co-operative principles;

3.To co-operate and collaborate with all other co-operative organizations within and outside the United Republic of Tanzania towards the furtherance of SACCOS goals;

4.To develop and maintain the best possible public relations with the general public, the Government of Tanzania, Non-governmental Organizations, development partners, the private business sector, trade unions, voluntary organizations, national and international co-operative organizations;

5.To promote a common code of ethics and practice among members based on Co-operative Societies Act, Regulations, Co-operative Principles and Values.